Social mining

LITIT social token is Web 2.0 & 3.0 short video, music
and NFT platform where creators and users
are rewarded for activity on the app through
the concept of "Social Mining"
LIT points are earned by
users for activity on

LITIT tokens are obtained
through ‘Social Mining’
of the LIT points earned

LIT points mined:


Current Conversion rate:

0 to 1 LITIT

How mining works

  • Lit points

    LIT points

    Users get a predetermined number of LIT
    for performing various types of social and
    entertaining activity on the app.
    Users can
    also directly reward each other for
    their content
    and active participation.

  • Conversion rate

    Conversion rate

    LIT points are convertible through
    ‘Social Mining’ to Solana based LITIT tokens.
    conversion rate from LIT points to LITIT
    tokens is
    increasing after every transaction on as it is
    getting harder to mine LITIT tokens.

  • LITIT total supply

    LITIT total supply

    There is a limited supply of 900M LITIT tokens.
    As the community grows, the conversion
    rate from LIT points to LITIT tokens will increase
    and it will be getting harder to mine LITIT
    Over time, as the supply of the token
    will become more scarce, we expect that the
    value of LITIT tokens will increase.

«As the community grows and it’s
harder to mine LITIT tokens, we expect the
LITIT token will
appreciate in value within
the ecosystem»

How LIT points and
LITIT tokens are used

  • Creator & followers can Tip
    or receive Tips
  • Creator & followers can buy or sell
    consultation time
  • Stake token for higher LIT
    points rewards
  • Buy CPM Ads on the app
    with LITIT token
  • Buy NFTs on the NFT
  • Boost profile traffic to gain more
    popularity on
  • Unlock access to premium content
    & events on



LITIT Allocation

LITIT token total supply

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